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How to replace your Lawn.
It will help with the water shortage.

how to replace your lawn

*Saves water if replace with drought tolerant plants.
*Saves even more water. Thick organic layer acts like a sponge to hold more Moisture.
*Qualifies for rebate.
*Safe for kids and pets. No Chemicals.
*Instant one-day transformation to garden.
*Zero waste. No sod goes to the landfill.
*Plants thrive from the added compost and decomposing turf.
*Healthy soil. encourages earthworms and favorable soil organisms.
*Reduces runoff. Increases water infiltration by 25%.
*Climate friendly. reduces green house gases by 53 tons per acre. (from stopwaste.org)

The Earth-Guards
fix BP Oil Leak in Gulf of Mexico.

by Joy Evans

-Pockets, the Quantum Pioneer of the Earth-Guards Adventure Team, finds a way to fix the Oil Leak in the Gulf of Mexico by using his new discovery, “Quantum Rubber”. This is the same material used in the tires of Earth-Guard Nimble’s Flybercycle.

Pockets said the hardest part was figuring out what would work with both the harsh eroding salts found naturally in the seawater and the petroleum product extruding from the sea bottom. Working together, Nimble and Pockets made a long, wide cylinder from the new substance. They inserted this cylinder deep into the gaping hole in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. The new “Quantum Rubber” cylinder will stay pliable, like natural seaweed, moving from side to side in the ocean. “This will make it storm proof,” says Engineer Dynamo, Nimble.

Nimble will make the adjustments needed to attach the cylinder to the sea floor by using a new cement, also invented by the Quantum Kid. The new

Earth-Guards Pockets and Nimble
Substratum Rockstonium” will act like the caulking around a bathtub. It will attach to sand, shells and to the rubber substance. Pockets and Nimble will then install an accessible shut-off/turn-on valve in order to retrieve the oil as needed.

Another Save by The Earth-Guards Adventure TEAM!
Thank you Earth-Guards for saving our planet again…



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