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"We Are Earth-Guards"

"Leaf" Valiant Leader and Clairvoyant Pathfinder

Leaf's Superpowers

*Fly's on a Bramble Matt.
*Rips on his Saxophone like no other.

Leaf Leader of the Earth-Guards, rides a bramble mat, plays the Saxophone, and likes to give everything a name. Real name is Thomas Seethat. Age 11. He grew up in the Town-Below-the-Mountain. It is a small town but driving distance from a big city. His parents were jazz fans. One day, he heard a record of a jazz saxophonist and announced, at age 6, that he wanted to play the saxophone. His parents bought him one and he has carried it with him ever since. Though, his real name is Tom, his father had been the local expert on trees and people in the town gave him the nickname Leaf and it stuck.When Leaf was 7, his father died under mysterious circumstances while working on some trees in the Misty Forest. His mother, Katherine, has been depressed ever since. There is enough money in the life-insurance for her to live on. She stays home, does some charity work and is a visual artist…drawing and painting mostly butterflies and beetles.

From the Earth-Guards Adventure Team Leaf's Badge

Leaf's Favorite Things Are:

leaf's favorites Leader of the Earth-Guards Adventure Team

Q: What does Leaf wants to be when he grows up?

A: The Developer of the next generation of a Facebook-style social network that would work telepathically.


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