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"We Are Earth-Guards"

"Mercury" Constant Companion and Bravehearted Ally

Mercury's Superpowers

Talks to all animals.
Runs faster than fast.


Mercury was a yearling when Zohna found him. He had been left at a ranch just outside The-Town-Below-the-Mountain. Most of the horses and cattle that had been at the ranch had been sold. Zohna and her brother had been exploring the broken down stables and unkempt fields when they saw this young horse. He was covered in mud, was very gaunt and weak, and seemed unsteady even standing there. He whinnied at Zohna and she understood him. Her brother figured out a way for them to buy this yearling. Zohna nursed him back to health. Interesting note: Zohna thought he was a Bay. It wasn’t until she bathed him that she found out he was a Red Roan. The Red Roan coloring was very dull at first and became more vibrant as he got healthier. He lives in Zohna’s backyard and puts his head through the window in the morning.

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