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"We Are Earth-Guards"

"Nomble" Stouthearted Powerhouse and Engineering Dynamo

Nimble's Superpowers

*Super Strong
*He has a magic wrench named Tooley
*Rides a super motor powered bike he invented

Nimble: Real name is Matthew O’Michaels. Age 15. He used to drop things a lot and his Dad joked with him by giving him the nickname Nimble. Nimble kept working on not dropping things and has developed a much surer grip. Nimble has two younger brothers---twins named Samuel and Jared. The family used to live in Pittsburgh-New Castle, Pa. The twin brothers developed asthma in the bad air and they needed to live where the air was cleaner. Nimble watched them suffer and struggle for air when they were little.

Nimble’s dad retired from the Air Force as an aviation mechanic. His name is Patrick. He now owns an upscale auto repair service in The City-Across-the-Bridge. His mother is named Katie Flannery O’Michaels and runs the local nursery.

Nimble's Badge

Nimble's Favorite Things Are:

From the Earth-Guards Adventrue Team Nimble's favarites

Q: What does Nimble wants to be when he grows up?

A: Mechanical Engineer

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