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"Pockets"  Trusted Troubleshooter and Quantum Pioneer

Pockets Superpowers

Endless Pockets full of Surprises.
Extra Smart and full of inventive Ideas, that always work.

Pocket's Real name is Clarence Slipstein. Age 13. Pockets grew up in Spain with his parents and his sister. His parents were both scientists and had been working on a water project in Spain. When Pockets was about 4, they were hired to work on a water project near the Amazon River in Brazil. When Pockets was 11, his parents were killed. They were out in the jungle in a storm and the land gave way. His Aunt and her second husband, who live in the Town-Below-the-Mountain, took in Pockets and his little sister. Pockets and his sister can both speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Their aunt is a civil engineer, Lily-Ann Charles. She is married to Ronald Bilders. Pockets’ sister is named Francesca (Frannie for short). Pockets’ mother was Spanish, Rosalia Arguello. His father was Polish, Max Slipstein. His parents had a passion for clean water.

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Pockets Favorite Things Are:
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Q: What does Pockets wants to be when he grows up?

A: Environmental Civil Engineer

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