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"We Are Earth-Guards"

"Poto" Sparkling Gem and Passionate Daydreamer

Poto's Superpowers

*Fast Swimmer
*Has the power to turn herself into a Mermaid
*Can hear water talk.

POTO her real name is Pearl. Age 11. Poto’s mother and father moved here from an island where the coral reef began to die and the fish disappeared. Poto has an Australian accent. She is an only child. Her dad supports Poto’s grandparents who live in Australia. He sends them money regularly. When the fish disappeared, he had to find another way to make money. They had friends in the Town-Below-the-Mountain who gave him a job as a staff person for the Marine Mammal Center.
Poto would always play in the ocean and her father called her Pearl-of-the-Ocean, or Poto. The mom and dad are Finnish descendants. Their names are Jasmin Summer and Christopher Olaffson. Her parents are getting divorced. Her mother (Works as a waitress in a local upscale restaurant, and also is a swim instructor. Her mother is very much a free spirit.
Poto lives with her Dad.

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Poto's Favorite Things Are:

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Q: What does Poto wants to be when she grows up?

A: Marine Biologist

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