"We Are Earth-Guards"

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"There are stereotypes and archetypes. It's a fine line to walk, but you've done it and created powerful archetypes. With the illustrations, words, and music, you have involved many of the senses, so that every kid can find a way to relate. The only other thing like this was Captain Planet and that's not around anymore. The Earth-Guards are filling that void, while empowering kids to make a difference themselves."
--Barnes & Noble Corte Madera, CA
Laurel Kidd, Children's Department Lead

At last, heroic role models with magical powers grounded in earth wisdom! This beautifully illustrated tale will inspire young readers to do their part in cleaning up and transforming the planet.
--Elizabeth Dunlavy, 6th Grade Teacher

"I asked my daughter if she liked the Earth-Guards and she said, "No, I don't like them, I LOVE them."
--Julie Ekoue-Totue (daughter age 7)

My daughter is really into the Earth-Guards. She always asks for me to read her Earth-Guards before bed (after listening to the CD) and she can't wait for the action figures, TV show, and movie!"

"I really enjoyed your Earth-Guards book! I enjoyed its cadence and its lightness and the way each of the characters seemed to each have their own sense of humor while at the same time a commitment to fighting the bad guys. There was a sense of being
wide-eyed and in the midst of the adventure because of my empathy for each character, because as cool as they all were, they also had their vulnerabilities and needed each other to see their way through."

---Steve Weingarten, designer/sculptor

Earth-Guards is awesome! I love it so much.
--Callum, 10 years old, Australia

Thank you so much again for the Earth Guards Adventure book!  We loved The Case of the Poisoned Lake!  We read it most nights for the last 2 weeks and just finished it while camping in a tent on our balcony last night.  Sean liked the parts when Pocket kept getting wet, when Only Mee's hair was sliced off with a laser, and when all the Earth Guards escaped from Ugly Underhall.  Eva loved when Poto turned into a mermaid, when Mercury saved them all, and when Pockets sai, "Fire, fire!" as he anxiously waited for Poto to finally push the laser, saving him from the infected nanobot.  We have also been playing the Earth-Guards Adventure theme song repeatedly in the call and the kitchen.  Eva almost has it memorized!
     We all think your book is great and that it will be a huge success!
     Many thanks again,  

                                                                                                      ----Kevin, Hang, Eva (6), & Sean(4)


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