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"We Are Earth-Guards"

"Zohna" Vivacious Truthseeker and Self-Reliant Trailblazer

Zohna's Superpowers

Healing Powers
Magic Ropes
Communicates with her horse Mercury, and Mercury can talk to all animals.


Zohna's full name is Zohna Marie Chevalier. Age14. She comes from a copper mining town in Montana. Many in the town began to get Multiple Sclerosis and headaches. Her father is still healthy, but her mother is very sick. They moved to the Town-Below-the-Mountain because it is cleaner and her mom has family here. Zohna has an older brother who has already moved out of the house. He is becoming a fireman and attending the Fireman’s Academy. Her parents’ names are Gerard and Nancy Chevalier. Nancy’s maiden name is Jones. She was born in Montana and met Gerard there when he was hired to be a scientific consultant for the mining company. She was 18 but had been accepted into the pre-Med program at Northwestern University and had wanted to become a doctor. Then she met Gerard and decided to study nursing at the local college. They married, had two kids. Then she got sick.
Zohna’s brother is named Lance Chevalier.

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Zohna's Favorite Things Are:

Q: What does Zohna wants to be when she grows up?

A: Medical Doctor

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